Jaded Trailer

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Aki has fled his previous life. Moving to a new city, trying to escape himself; he has thrown himself into a world of frivolity and no worries. A world where the regrets are hidden, where the men are hot, and where the morals are loose.

He has grown up since... that night, but his cynical nature has remained. He tries to fit in, while desperately trying to forget.

On one side, he has the imagery of a time that passed years ago, and the guilt he feels. On the other, he has the insistent Yuuki, who has somehow been dragged into this terrible yet exciting vortex that is Aki's life.

In the midst of it all, Aki finds himself back home, facing the ghosts of the past.

Jaded begins years after where SNOW let off; it tells another dramatic and thrilling story, this time, from Aki's point of view.