Name: Sakurai Akira / 桜井 秋楽
Birth date: November 1st
Sign: Scorpio
Family: Akiís an only child, estranged to his parents


Aki is selfish, straight forward, vicious and emotionally detached. At least that is the front he puts up to protect himself and his feelings. In reality, heís not vulnerable, but if heís hurt, it sticks deep. He deals with a lot of guilt and pain, and tries to handle it and conceal it by living a destructive lifestyle.

He can be both manipulative and egotistical, but might stand up for someone regardless of whether he likes them or not if he feels theyíre being treated unfairly. He claims to hate weak people who canít fend for themselves.

And though he hates to admit it, heís lonely. With his friends, heís able to put up a careless front and pulls of an act where heís flirtatious and witty, but even they know his unstable mood pretty well.

Aki wonít back down from a challenge, and this sometimes causes him trouble.

Weakness: Whatís hidden in his heart. Not being able to let go
Work: Waiter at a nightclub
Most precious possession: His left earring
Best qualities: His confidence and seductive persona
Worst qualities: His social skills
Notable relations: Miya, Yuuki, Maaya