Sunagawa Ryubi / 砂川竜日

Lau's boyfriend from Kagawa.

Ryubi is the little brother of Kiyoshi, the managerís lover. Not as cool and collected as his older brother, but strong in opinions and loyal towards his friends.

Decent singer, lousy guitar player. He plays in a high school band, and is pretty decent in English. He does however have a tendency to slack off, and spends a lot of time visiting his brother to get help with his studies.


A redheaded colleague of Aki's.

Hiiro has a rather dark background, having spent some time as a hustler, but always has a cheery disposition on life.

Currently working as a waiter while taking up his studies.


Playful, daring guy at the bar.

The first to get involved with Aki.

He's one of the younger waiters, not sure what he wants with his life yet, saving up money to go to school.


One of the younger workers, who only works there for a brief time during Aki's first year.

Charismatic and charming, but shy.


Hiiro's friend. Often attending their parties.

Loud and obnoxious, but incredibly funny. Often the life of the party.

Tetsu & Kyo:

The monogamous couple.

These two are bartenders at the nightclub. Happily in love since they first met on the job.Playfully flirtatious, but fully trusting of each other.

Tetsu is the responsible adult, Kyo is more happy-go-lucky.

Kawamura Sho / 川村奨:

The manager.

The young manager of the nightclub. He inherited the rundown old building from his father, and decided to turn it into a gay establishment.

His big heart caused him to take in less fortunate workers. Many of them hustlers. Sho tends to care more about the workers than business itself.

For a manager, heís pretty laid-back and lenient, and considers his employees to be his friends.

Sunagawa Kiyoshi / 砂川清志:

Sho's other half, Ryubi's brother.

Incredibly attached to his younger brother, Kiyoshi often lashes out towards anyone hurting or otherwise bothering Ryubi. Tends to meddle in his life.

Otherwise, he's incredibly aloof and quiet.

He's good with numbers, so he functions as the club's accountant, while also doing work around the club itself.

Heís attractive, and very popular despite his closed-off personality


Keeps the izakaya where the guys from the bar frequent outside of work.

He's a sweet, feminine-type guy who holds the fort and offers advice and a drink when someone has a lot on their mind. Maki's age is a secret, but he's certainly older than he looks.

He's pretty much always at work, and is practically considered family by most.


Miya's former roommate.


Aki's senpai from Tokyo, who puts him up for a while as Aki searches for work and an apartment.

Machida Kaito:

Aki's former high school classmate.

Back in High school, Kaito was probably the closest Aki got to having a best friend. Now studying economics in Tokyo.

Tsukamoto Lin:

Lau's younger sister, a lot like her brother in looks, but quite different in spirit.She's straight-forward and outspoken, but also sensitive.

Since childhood, she's had a crush on Yuuki, Lau's best friend.

She's into soft ball, but joined the tea ceremony club in high school, to be more "refined". She has no idea what she wants to do in the future, but certainly doesnít want to work in the restaurant business.